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Who Owns This Damn Address?

Some problems only reveal themselves at scale. For instance, the get-msoluser commandlet only returns the first 1000 results, a problem that most 999 user and smaller companies don’t lose sleep over.

One problem that I often encounter in large organizations is determining the owner of a specific email address. Does belong to a distribution group, resource mailbox, shared mailbox, or Suzy in accounting? Who known if the address is even in use at all?!

This simple script runs through the various objects in your Office 365 tenant and tracks down the owner of a specified email address. When / if the address is found it will perform a brain dump of all the information related to the owner. It does all of this in spectacular color!

The main advatage of this scrip versus Get-Recipient is that it is likely to perform faster on very lage tenant (over 3000 objects) and it also searches delted users.

You can find the script over @ the Microsoft TechNet Gallery link below. I'm intend to post more quick scripts to the gallery while continuing to write longer in depth posts on specifc topics here. Please feel free to post your emotional response to this change in the comments.

#office365 #o365 #exchangeonline #powershell #TechNetGalleryPost

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